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...more on ancestral healing
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What are you balancing?

Free Create Work/Life/Balance eBook
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  I help women with Work/Life Balance

Fall in love with your life through breath, yoga, and astrology.

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Work/Family/Life Vision Masterclass

If You Want To:


  • Know how to create more balance in your full schedule with less stress that can save you YEARS of wasted time and energy.
  • Find clarity on what you are balancing.
  • What your purpose really is.
  • Discover what is more valuable than time.

This masterclass is for you.


Free Work/Family/Life Masterclass
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Live a Life You Love


Do you often feel you are choosing work over

  • a mom your child needs
  • a partner your partner needs
  • a body you feel good in
  • a harmonious home
  • being present
  • living up to your potential

During our time together, you will get the exact system of transformation to release the plague of mom guilt, fear of regret, and shoulds, and create a life that you were born to live and love.

I'm Ready To Love My Life
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HealTHY Mind

Wake Up Inspired


Do you struggle with staying and feeling motivatedd? Is there truth for you in the adage "the day runs you" and  "the days seem long but the years fly?"

In the HealTHY Mind Portal, you will be inspired and empowered to create days that will manifest into years that you love.

Yes, I Want a Guided Self-Care Practice
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Work/ Life Balance, dreams, and transformation sound amazing but does making decisions stress you out? I get it and I got you.

As my mentors have taught me, curiosity and an open mind is the first attitude to a mindful life.

Click below to learn more.

I'm Curious
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Are You Willing To Trust The Change Unfolding In Your Life

Jun 14, 2021

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May 24, 2021

Breathe, Reflect , & Connect In the Gift of Sisterhood

May 17, 2021

Ready for a challenge?
Let's go!

Join My 3 Day Abundant Challenge to Release Mind Blocks

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